Why are the 1920s called the Roaring Twenties? – Flapper Dresses 4X

The 1920s are called the Roaring Twenties because they were during the Roaring Twenties. (Think of a big explosion, and think of the Twenties).

In 1920 the people around your age did not seem quite so excited about the future as they did today, which is why 1920 was labeled as the Roaring Twenties. (Think of you taking in the movie Titanic, the movie that many of us were watching on Christmas Eve of 2009.)

1920 was the year a lot of young people got married (think of girls in dresses getting married in the 1920s). For those of you in middle or high school at the time, this was the beginning of the most exciting age of dating, and of the most fun and exciting time in your lives.

1920 was the year the people who were “working” during the Roaring Twenties started getting jobs and starting families. A lot of those things have happened to us in the last century as well – and more.

The “Roaring Twenties” in 1930 is a “twenties” of nostalgia for the past, for your own personal 1950s, for your parents, for your grandparents’ generation, for your family’s generation. (Think of yourself taking a break from work so you could have some summer fun!)

1920 was the year the nation was so much older than we are now, and had done so for years.

1920 is the year you got a house that you didn’t feel proud of, you didn’t feel like you deserved, and the house you lived in was ugly. 1920 is the year you started to have children that didn’t feel like you had any worth that people could appreciate.

1920 is the year the country started to come in from the 1930s.

1920 is the year we really started to understand ourselves and ourselves weren’t that unique.

1920 is the year you started to realize the importance of your own feelings and feelings of others

(1920 was also the year people began to appreciate their own personal achievements, and to be “empowered” by their own accomplishments – and were amazed to learn that many of the accomplishments they had “earned” before would have been considered “unworthy” in our times.)

1920 was the year everyone got jobs, and jobs paid.

1920 was the year people finally got their credit cards (now called “credit cards” and “debits” ) in their wallets,

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