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That’s because many Americans believed that the economy would recover as soon as 1919. When that never happened (and it didn’t), they took to calling 1920s economy “the Depression.” As a result, a lot of us felt guilty for not living through the Roaring Twenties, but a lot of people were too young to be a part of the Depression.
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DELTA COUNTY (KVIA) — A family in Delta County is thankful for a Facebook post that’s making a difference to help find a missing 11-year-old girl.

Zoey Ann Allen was last seen Monday, December 2, by the family’s dog. No trace was ever found.

The family then went to the Delta County Sheriff’s Office to have a search party set up by Delta County Sheriff’s deputies on Tuesday.

On Thursday morning, deputies with Delta County’s K-9 unit searched areas in the Delta Valley.

On Friday afternoon, police searched a park in the area where the dogs located a blue and white pickup truck with a California license tag.

A woman seen sitting on the truck earlier in the day told investigators that the dog had not found anything.

A photo of the woman in her late 40s was seen around the search party and was brought to the sheriff’s office.

Investigators asked the woman on Friday if anyone had seen Zoey and she admitted that she had lost contact with her.

The woman also told police it wasn’t until days later, when she was driving home from work, that she realized her dog was missing. The dog, a German shepherd, was taken into custody.

Officials said that dog would have to be euthanized because it likely had a medical condition that would require it to be put down.

“The little dog didn’t even know he was missing,” the woman was quoted as saying in the police report. “I’m very upset about letting him go.”

Now, the woman is hoping that the dog’s medical condition will help find her daughter.

On Tuesday, officials with the Delta County Sheriff’s Office released a photo of the woman who had been talking to the dog and gave hope to the family that a tip would soon help find them.

Zoey is described as a black, black and white female, 5-feet, 4-inches tall, 115 pounds with short brown hair on the sides of her scalp and her hair was pulled back into a ponytail at the time

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