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The flapper dress was created by a Japanese fashion designer named Harumi Okada. The pattern was first printed and sold in Paris in 1867.

What does Harumi mean?

Harumi is the Japanese title of a book on design. It was translated by Japanese author Osamu Tezuka into English, and later turned into a comic strip in 1965.

What inspired the pattern?

The pattern was not originally designed for flappers, but for the “Dancing Boy,” a character that debuted in the 1890s. It features a flapper’s silhouette in a black dress with a long-sleeved dress beneath. The text reads, “Harumi Okada’s Flannel Flaplet with a Garter and Tights.”

How long did the trend last?

Flaplets were introduced within a period of four years in the 1890s. The fashion was called flapper before the word was popular in print, in part because flappers didn’t consider themselves flappers.

What happens now?

Today the flappery dress is one of the more fashionable styles, particularly among men. In Japan it’s called a jimjima, but is also known as a jimon.

Source: Wikimedia Commons | Art by: J.M. Brown

Photo Credit: Flickr

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