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I’ve just run across a picture of someone called Sally Fallon, whose name I don’t know, and I was wondering who she was! Thank you so much!”
TOWIE star Chloe Lewis channels 1920s chic in gold flapper ...

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Hans-Georg Maassen is a theoretical physicist, and author. He was born in the city of G├╝tersloh, in the state of Lower Saxony, and was raised in an interreligious family. As a child he was exposed to the scientific worldview, and he studied physics and mathematics at Leipzig University before moving to Zurich in his early teens. In the years that followed he taught at the Universitet in Zurich and at a specialising institute, where he began to study quantum mechanics. Following this he went to the Institute of Theoretical Physics at Vienna, where he stayed until the mid-1970s. He was, at various times, a visiting Fellow of the Royal Society of London, the Director of the Institute of Theoretical Physics in Oxford, the Secretary General of the Institute of Mathematical Physics of the United Kingdom, and has been President of the Swiss Federation of Theoretical Physics. Later, Maassen served as a Member of the Nobel Committee (in 1979) and Deputy Chair of the Second International Mathematical Association, in 1973 when he succeeded in getting the first right-handed member and second left hand accepted back into the Royal Society after having served only for a year.

A young white woman from South Africa was shot to death on an all-too-common nightlife strip in Manhattan. After her death, we learn that her boyfriend was arrested for the murder. A quick look at this story suggests that there were many other victims of racial prejudice who also went uncharged when the killer got out of jail.

“It’s not a crime to kill someone just because you hate them,” says J. Peter Pham, a senior scholar at the Center for the Study of Hate and Extremism at California State University, San Bernardino, and author of “Race, Racism and Hate Crimes: An Introduction to Understanding.”

“Anybody who’s a minority does not have a certain amount of privilege in

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