Who invented flapper dress? – Flapper Dress Code

I’d love to hear about this topic: Who invented flapper dress?

I don’t have a theory that is particularly well-supported. If you want, I can also throw you another hypothesis, but I prefer to leave the research to the next post.

Why do flappers have flapper dresses? Can they walk with this dress?

Yes, they can. What people know is that people dress to look good when they walk and when they get dressed:

This picture is more interesting than the one above. The first two lines are: Who invented flapper dress?

I really want you to think about what they’re talking about. The first is: Who invented flapper dress?

Flapper dresses did not have to be made of silk to be beautiful. They could be white, and they could really, really, really look good. People like that. It says a lot about what the dressmaker wanted it to be.

If you’ve ever used a bra, you’ll also know there is nothing magical about a bra with a little bit of elastic hanging out the back. One bra is not more likely to make the woman flapper look beautiful than ten other bras.

I want to see pictures of women with this dress

I do not know how to make a list of how many flapper dresses each woman has (maybe I can add in a few that I want to see, or maybe I’ll go to a local dressmaker and say “hey, I’d like to see a pair of these dresses!”).

I want to show you three of the best photos of women wearing this dress.

A couple of photos were taken by my husband, who uses a digital camera for a living. One was taken of this woman walking down the street with a beautiful gown on, and another was taken of her dress just before it was put on her body, in a very modest one-piece, with matching shoes.

I could not find any more photos of this woman.

The above picture was taken by someone who was also using a computer instead of a camera. She didn’t even realize she was taking photos; she was too busy taking pictures of herself.

I will add those other photos to this post if there is anyone else I can find with photos of these women in this post whose posts I can follow up too, or whose pictures I can add to this post when time and space allow.


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