Whats a flapper in a toilet? – 1920S Flapper Dress Historical Pictures For Sale

That would be a ‘flapper’ – a single woman and a man that use the toilet but there is no obvious link between flappers and transmen.

The idea that gender is fluid and that men who look like women may as well be men (because why wouldn’t?) has gone back to ancient times. However, this belief has become popularised in the past few years with the media giving the transphobic concept of “transvestite” greater credence than once it did.

The argument that men who use the flapper to refer to female-bodied men is “transvestite” is a fallacy.

I am a man who uses the flapper to mean a single man and the term is completely inaccurate. I am not “transvestite” because I am a man who prefers women and who dresses in clothes designed for women. I am really very much a man. I like and identify with women.

There are no studies, no studies proving that flappers or transvestites are “more likely to experience violence” than straight women or men who have been diagnosed with BPD (bulimia, drug or alcohol abuse and/or suicidal ideation, although for some men BPD will affect their desire to dress in women’s clothes).

The idea that transvestites can be violent, delusional or suicidal does not hold when we look at the data, when we ask men about their own feelings about their condition.

If you look in the online trans community, you will see a lot of posts from men describing how happy and content they feel they are, how they are “feeling whole”, being able to wear their chosen gender, how their life has changed and are not ashamed.

The same cannot be said of straight women. The majority of women say they feel terrible about themselves, ashamed, hurt and confused.

They are unable to express their full worth due to the social stigma they will be exposed to if they “come out” for their gender.

Trans men do not “feel whole” but they are able to be themselves. They feel happy, strong, confident and at ease.

While it is perfectly normal to use the term “flapper” to mean a single man in a flapper or transgender women, when we look at those terms we see that they are misleading.

It isn’t acceptable to take our gender identity at face value by referring to us by our genitals, by our race, language

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