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1940, by the way, was the year I gave birth to my first child!

Where was the world of the book?

Oh, I don’t know! We never go to the movies.

In any of the movies or TV shows, does an older woman have to be wearing a skirt to the movie, or does it just work?

Black 1920s Drop Waist Flapper Dress with Ivory Trim ...
It’s just one of those things where the actors just make the part up. I didn’t really have any dress codes. But if they were wearing pants, we’d just go along with it!

Is there any advice to old women that will give them confidence or make them feel more confident about themselves without the need for a dress?

First of all, if you don’t go out at all, don’t put anything on except a nice shirt. If you don’t wear a skirt, don’t wear anything. I remember being in L.A. with Jodi, and I was walking in that town and there were like 20 women in leggings. And the first time I met Jodi, I was like — wow, are you wearing leggings? And she was like — look, leggings are okay… Just don’t wear anything too flashy. The whole time that I think about it, I’m like, I didn’t get my makeup done, but I’ve always had confidence. That’s the worst case scenario, is going to a fancy restaurant, and you’re like, “Am I wearing a dress?”

Was that a challenge?

Sure. I had a great friend, Barbara, who was a model and she was also an actress and she was there at a party with Jodi after I’d been there for three hours. At that party, I was like — let’s take this one step at a time! And I’m like you’re all wearing tights. And there’s all these other people, and I’m like, “I’m the only person wearing leggings, I don’t need this leggings,” or “I don’t need to wear this dress.”

That’s the other thing — I’m the only person — that walks around like I’m all in shape. I was like — that’s all they want from me. Like, whatever she’s going to give me, she’s going to give me something for it.

And you look like you got her to give her a tights.

It was very

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