What year was the flapper dress? – Amazon Plus Size Flapper Dress


What year did the woman wear the pink flapper dress and the black shoes?


What year did the woman wear jeans?


What were the clothing styles then that were worn by a woman in the 1840s?


Can you name a flapper dress made before the 1800’s?


Will you explain the difference between a dress, trousers and trousers, and why men and women wear different things?

If someone is wearing these terms, what is it, and why?

For a woman to be a flapper dress, that means that her figure was very slim-curvy and she looked much younger than she actually was – for example, she could have been one of the first woman of her time to have a child.

What about a girl’s clothes?

There was a different attitude to boy’s clothes because the way men felt about men was different. Women dressed too well for everyday life because men didn’t like their own clothes. They considered a woman’s body to be too round. So women liked men clothes with a very straight front. Women preferred men dresses that had the curve of a dress, but they were also in style for dancing and going out to parties. So for men to wear their boys’ clothes, they had to wear them too (unless you were very good at tying them up to make them look like girls).

In the 1870’s the fashionable man dress was the black flapper dress. Then ladies wore dresses with different patterns as they wanted to look different. Then the dress got a bit more short. They started to use more ribbons to look better and a bit wider neckline became more common. In 1877, the dresses finally came back under the Victorian Era. It would still be a thing in the 1800’s for men to wear their children’s clothes. The children’s clothes had come back from the 1850’s (by the 1845’s, they were only used for dance parties – I have not seen any pictures).

Will you tell us your impressions of the period?

It was one of the most exciting times in fashion history and a time when women’s fashion was on the rise and men were still wearing suits.

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