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What month?

In fact, there are plenty of questions and answers floating around in the world of Flapper and the other things she and the other guys are trying to find:

“You’re trying to get a girl to dress for the party? Is it a special style or something specific?”

“You just said that the date was the worst day of your life, so I’m really interested in getting you into a relationship with me, so what’s the name on the engagement ring?”

“I’d like to see you with another boy or girl. Do you like any guys?”

As far as the fact that they have been dating for months, why can’t they just be friends? Why is this complicated?

The answer is simple.

Flapper’s dad, who has never dated Flapper, is one of the main characters in the movie, and so when it comes to the movie’s plot, it goes back and forth between their dad and the plot.

Flapper’s dad is a kind of a “jerk.” He was a man who cheated and lived an ugly way until he met the heroine and learned her ways. He even cheats with her at one point in the movie, but his heart was in the right place even while they were dating, so it’s a good thing everyone who knew him doesn’t like him the way he is.

His mom is the opposite; she went crazy with anger and lust for the hero and eventually broke up with him for breaking her heart. She’s still trying to figure life out by the way she behaves.

But what do they have in common?

Flapper’s dad knows her secret and is willing to help her but, at the same time, refuses to let her date anyone else besides him.

It makes Flapper feel like she’s missing out. Even though she’s been sleeping with her dad on a regular basis, they never meet.

Why would she want to date anyone else? There’s something off about them.

If Flapper really wanted to date, she could just be friends with every guy she’s been with before that one guy with the weird hairstyle. And that’s cool… she can’t keep up with all the guys she dates.

But her dad refuses to let her make an honest, honest decision for herself.

Flapper still thinks that if there’s ever the chance to meet someone else, then she should do it

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