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In 1680s the word flapper was used in France as a pejorative for the poor, especially poor women who wore it. For about a few years in the mid 1680s Flapper dress became popular dress. This came about because of the popularity of the new fashions. It was a simple dress with a large neckline.

What did the flapper dress look like?
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In the 1680s flapper dress was not the most fashionable fashion as it was very expensive and difficult to have and fit correctly. With the money saved, many fashionable women who owned the original ones bought new ones, but they were of very low quality. They have only one seam, small bust and no neckline, and it was not made in white or light. It came in a wide variety of sizes and shapes. There were two ways for wearing this dress: the first way made of fabric made in different colours, and the second way made of thick materials that made a thin dress and the same as the 1680s version. The 1680s version (or dress) have several rows of very small buttons that can be fastened. This is not typical and is a very old fashion in some countries.

Is it true that in the 1800s, ladies could wear this dress for all the ceremonies in church?

The original English women and women in other European countries were able to wear the flapper dress at the church when visiting dignitaries. However, the French decided to forbid it for church. This had many consequences. It was hard to obtain for church because it was scarce in France, and it was expensive. Also in the 1800s church was the only place where ladies could enjoy flapper dresses to dress. Therefore ladies had to try to find flapper dresses for wedding. Also the church changed its rules to prevent the ladies wearing it during the church in the later years.

There were also many other French people and families who wore the flapper dress at their meetings and family functions. The dress was so popular that it spread and it became a thing of everyday fashion. This did not happen in other countries of the world.

What is the origin of the word Flapper?

The word flapper originates from the name of the French word flâner, which means “dress maker.”

In 1789 a French judge in London decided to ban this style.

However, at this time there were still several flapper dresses available to

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