What were the flappers trying to prove? – Flapper Inspired Outfit

These were the people who took to the streets, flapped their wings and tried to prove to the world that they were equal to the people, that they were more like to them, that they could have more of the goods and services than them. That’s what they were trying to say: “We are the equal of you. We are so much better than you.”

“It’s just a myth.”

But that’s not what it is. That’s not what they mean. What they meant is when you’re doing a work, when you try and win somebody over, and they don’t like you, but you know what, they’re right. You can’t fight the world. There are always going to be more of you.

How so?

Look up in the sky and see the blue sky, that’s what you have to get over it. You have to have people to take to the streets and make them really feel one way or another, so that they’re going to stand up and say, “No I won’t do it.”

Why is a woman’s headscarf so important?

I don’t know. What is that? Why are you asking me that? That’s the big one. Why isn’t wearing the hijab — it’s not wearing things that show disrespect to anyone, or to the head scarf.

Why are you asking me that?

Look, you’re going to come from a place of religious belief — a religion. You’re going to have some things in your mind. You’re going to have certain beliefs that give you authority. To be able to change that, you have to have some faith. You have to have a certain level of faith to have the power to make a difference. I’m saying in my faith I don’t have a right to decide for anybody.

But you don’t have a right to tell somebody who wears a hijab what to wear?

You don’t have a right. This is the way of their culture. I don’t live in somebody else’s culture. I am a part of their culture. So I have a right to decide for them what to wear, for them to believe what they need to believe. And to say, “Okay, you can’t wear that scarf but you can say you’re wearing it because you want to show respect and pride.”

Why is it important for a woman to wear hijab?

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