What kind of jewelry did flappers wear? – Roaring 20’S Flapper Dresses

And, of course, what type of person wore such jewelry? To answer these questions, we turn to the early history of women’s clothing, including styles of flapper’s dress such as tweed and corset-leather, hats, and more. Today we’ll dive deeper into specific examples of women wearing such attire, from the early 19th century.

Flapper Fashions

From the early 19th century into the early 20th century, flappers had a wide range of fashion styles to choose from. A number of famous ones are listed in the gallery below, but you can also see women wearing such styles in the movie The Little Mermaid . A great example is a girl from France who looks a bit like the character Ariel when she wears a corset-leather dress (which was worn during a Victorian era fair where the fashion was called “Fashioning”). The same dress is seen all the way through the 18th century in Anne Bonny and Wilkie Collins’ classic play A Raisin in the Sun .

A girl in France wearing a corset-leather dressing gown. (Source: Library of Congress)

A fashionable woman can also be found wearing a corset-leather costume during the 18th century and later. These women usually wore a corset-leather dress with an elaborate design around the neckline or on the skirt, as well as undergarments that were either full or mini skirts. Other designs included a variety of colored shawls, frills, or dolman hats. Even on the lower end of the social scale, we see a woman in a full-length corset-leather dress and high-waisted stockings. In a more modest dress, we see a woman in a corset-leather dress with a waistband with long straps and decorative girdles, and on the lower end, we have a woman who is just wearing a stockings with a corset-leather design.

The 18th century French costume is clearly similar to the corset-leather dress and one of these corset-leather dresses in the gallery above was designed by the famed French sculptor Pierre-Auguste Bartholdi.

Corset-leather costume in the eighteenth century at the Louvre. (Source: http://www.louvre-chandelier.fr/)

While this corset-leather dress was likely a form of flapper’s “downt

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