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In a later section, I described how many of the men who joined the flapper’s league were on the job with the same clothes on and so were never out of a style when they were walking around town. As a result, many new arrivals were at once wearing the same clothing to one another for a while. One of the many reasons that women started dressing up in their 20s and 30s for the new age that was coming was to see which way the wind was blowing in the new era.

And why would flappers wear coats?

Flapper Costume: How to Dress Like a 20s Flapper Girl
There were many things that women did which women of the late 19th and early 20th centuries did not do and flappers were no exception. A flapper would wear a coat – a skirt fitted under her coat and then with her dress she could be quite stylish. Another flapper, like Betty Dodson, would have a very loose fitting dress so it would allow her to flapper down to anything in public. Another one of my favorites with a very loose fit were the flappers and jesters who, if you were lucky enough to see them, would be able to rock their suits. They were dressed very casually but still looked like gentlemen.

There is a great photo of a flapper that I found when researching the history of the flapper’s league, one of my favorites. In this photo you can see that Betty Dodson is wearing a wide lapel to allow the dress to slide up to her belly button! She is not flapping like the other women in the league, her skirt is very loose and she is wearing a high-waisted, strappy-fitting dress.

One of my favorite things to see was the way the women dressed by flapper’s league. It is an idea called the “tuck-in”. A woman would dress in front of a large mirror, a mirror behind her dressing table, wearing her flapper’s dress over this and then at the back of the dressing table she would tuck in around the mirrors and her dress. This is not for show, but that is the concept behind the “tuck in”.

What clothing did flappers wear in their 20s and 30s?

A short video of a woman wearing a vintage skirt which she got at the mall in the late 1930s shows this great look. We are all too familiar with our own teenage clothes but this gives us a sense of how the dress is supposed to look when worn by women in their 20

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