What kind of coats did flappers wear? – 1920S Gold Flapper Dress

I’ve got to say that they were probably at least one of the better looking types of flappers (it’s quite possible in 1910 they were much worse looking than those in the 1920s and 30s). The coats were made with wool felt and then sewn into pieces. The sleeves were closed, the buttons were buttoned, and the overall body shape was a “tortoise shell” shape. I think in the 1930s they were also in many cases worn with jackets.
Flapper’s (who wore those at least) tended to wear one of two styles – the one with a wide collar, and the jacket style with the collar rolled down to the chest, or with a short collar.

1920s Rose Gold Fringe Sequin Gatsby Costume Flapper Dress ...
I suspect there were at least two types in the 1920s.
The one with the wide collar was probably the most common. When you took a look at the coats, in a lot of them one could see these small holes where the sleeve would be sewn over an existing hole at the upper front (the shirt collar is a good example).
I think it’s very likely that the wide collar was one reason why these flappers got so many death sentences throughout the country, but it’s also possible that the coats weren’t very comfortable – and it’s not as if wearing a wide jacket was something that many people did in their leisure time.
But it’s clear that there were also some in the 1920s.
I have no idea how much these coats were made in the 1920s, but I assume they were more or less the same as them in the 30s or 40s. One would have to think that the coat pattern was pretty much the same, and there were probably some slight variations in the fit – for that reason I would guess that the coat size would be roughly the same as the 1920s coats.
I’m not an expert on this kind of thing, but I’m not terribly surprised at all that the 1920s were the most popular years for flappers. Maybe that explains why there were so many. Flappers could very easily have made up to £75 for an 18 piece package just to get in to a show. If they had more money in their pockets than they spent at a show, they might have been able to get a really small outfit with pretty much all of the above, for the same price as an average outfit in 1912. And the fact that we see so many of them on the street these days definitely is related to this (no offense to the designers –

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