What is Marcelled hair? – Flapper Dresses For Women Summer

A simple and beautiful style to have!

Why Marcelled Hair?

The key to the look is the length. For every part of the body, and especially the face, the cut should have a good chunk of hair for each of the main features. The hair for the eyes should be long and wide, and the hair for the neck should be thin enough to have been mown with the hair of the head (so that the shoulders appear shorter) and it should have a length that is not too high.

You can do a similar look with a very long hairstyle if you want, but it is an aesthetic style that does not necessarily suit every body structure. The important thing is to have the hair of the head of the body to look more natural, while having the hair of the face to be more dramatic.

With marcelled hair, the hair is either side of the head and the length should be proportionately long and well styled, or not so long that you look like you’ve added on a few extra inches to your waist in the process.

Marcelled hair can be quite simple to put on if you take care, and many of them have a very clear style, such as the cut pictured above, and you can choose exactly how long or short your style should be. The best way to learn about the basics is to buy a hair dresser. However if you want to try your hand at your own style you should consider a hairdresser.

Marcelled hair can be done in different ways, such as using a bobby comb or a stylist.

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