What is Gatsby dress? – Fringe Flapper Dress With Sleeves

It’s a Gatsby inspired dress (with Gatsby’s hair and clothes) that is all about the Gatsby personality. 
I have taken it one step further and added my favorite item from the film. This is my favorite part of the dress which is in the front. The fabric is super thick and the fit is amazing. 

Here’s how my hair came out. I had some natural hair on my head when I started writing this blog and the process of taking my hair down and then taking it up again was a pain to my hair. So I went through a good few different styles of extensions before I settled on Gatsby’s wig that my mom cut together for me.  
The wig is a medium weight but I also added a few layers of the Gatsby fabric to my head. I am not that big of man but it is definitely a challenge to get the wig to fit me all the way around. 
The only real challenge in this picture is that the light in the room is not fantastic and my hair is not done up quite yet (or at all!) – 
That’s the only real issue I have with the dress and it’s the front. It does not have a hood on it so when I sit down it is really obvious and I wish there were more straps like for the head which would make the top of the dress lift up a bit more. 
It will look perfect if I can get the hair up to the neckline just right but I think once I get it done up it will be an amazing and fun look on me! I will be posting more of my adventures with all my various make ups and I hope to have some in the future. Thank you all for following me on my latest adventure! –

For other uses, see Fire-Forged Armor.

Fire-forged armor is armor enchanted with fire that functions as a blaze helm or a burn helm. It does not require any other armor to wear. Fire-forged armor can only be improved with Fireforged components and the corresponding Fireforged recipes can be discovered by combining a fire forged gauntlet, and the corresponding fire forged gauntlets. The recipes can only be obtained from the Fireforged Chest on Vvardenfell.
1920s Party Flapper 2pc Sexy Retro Costume

Although its name suggests a piece of armor made entirely out of fire, the armor in-game is much more complex than that – it has a fire component but not one that interacts with other mods

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