What is a petting party in the 1920s? – White Flapper Dress

A petting party was a gathering of people who looked like the rest of the town gathered together to have fun with their pets at a public place, usually at night. In the 1920s, most people who took the time to find the time to go petting party would attend with their pets. Usually, the petting party was a celebration in the manner of a wedding.

There were two types of petting parties in the 1920s, the general petting party and the private petting party. The general petting party consisted of everyone going out and having fun with their pets in the main streets of town. There is no formal social obligation to the petters to attend the party. They usually just want to enjoy the company of their companions. The private petting party was a celebration and a social event. Usually, one of the parties started at night and the last person to leave the party would be invited to the next. Most petting parties included a celebration and a dance on the main floor of the house.

Petting Parties were often held during the summer. At Petting parties, the people would often be in their homes and in the fields. In the winter, it was often indoors.

Petters were not always people for socializing. Petters had an important role, both as a source of food and a source of entertainment. They were there to show off their pets and be seen by others. Petters may also take care of their pets during some outdoor activities such as hunting or fishing.

Petters were encouraged to have fun with their pets and share their skills and knowledge with the community. They sometimes participated in community events such as charity feedings or parades.

Petting Parties during the 1920s

Petters enjoyed the summer of 1920s. Many of the homes that lived in the neighborhoods had pets as well. The summer would always be filled with petting parties, and many homeowners participated. Some petter homes were in the main streets on Main Street and Main Street was where most of the petting parties were held. When the weather got hot, many homeowners would let their pets enjoy the sun on Main Street.

This made for a wonderful time to visit friends and neighbors. People would stop their dogs that had been roaming the streets to join the festivities. Many petters had a great time and the summers of 1920 were truly one of celebration for petters and their pets.

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