What is a petting party in the 1920s? – Flapper Dress Pattern Mccalls 89414

How do you know you can have one?

(If your cat is shy and won’t talk to you, ask him or her for a petting party)

If you ask your kitten’s mom, she’ll probably say, “I didn’t even know you could have petting parties.” This may be true, but it does happen. Here’s how it works: You get all cute on the outside (she is so adorable and adorable on the inside!) You get all excited about the fun you have planned, like getting a new pair of shoes or a new pet. You are so excited about what you will do with his or her new life-altering playthings, you may even become obsessed! Here’s how to do it properly, and it’s so totally worth it and that’s why we are excited about this petting party on the blog!
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So what type of things can I include?

We recommend a simple party for your cat, puppy/kitten, or toddler (or young child!) that you are sure to have fun with. For instance, if you are planning to have a party for kittens, you can get them their first playmates, play with them or take them for walks, or whatever it is you and your cat/kitten/and child/young child decide on for the evening (though we don’t have the time or space to do all of those things). If you’d like a bigger party that is more in the family theme, feel free to have it. You can also add a few pieces of your personal artwork for the kids (we usually take away a few for ourselves), or you can just give out a few free toys and candy for the kids.

What can I expect from my petting party?

First, you may choose to bring a few extra pets. You can have a cat, puppy, or child, so choose carefully. We definitely do not need all of them and we never really say no to adding a certain one! Also don’t forget to pick out whatever toys and treats your cat/puppy/kitten/children will accept (and the snacks, treats, and treats you are using for the party must also be appropriate for the animals). Just make sure you make extra-special treats for each!

Next, you may choose to add small accessories, like toys, blankets, pillows, or blankets stuffed with your pets favorite snacks, treats. Your pet sitting and play items should

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