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I thought it was the classic Gatsby, but I am glad you asked. The theme for season 7 has been inspired by this film.

This movie has the characters of Jules, Gatsby, Dashiell, and Tristan. This movie and theme are a fun addition to an old movie.

I love the “Funny” line from Gatsby. This phrase perfectly describes the nature of this series.

Is this book something new? When I was younger, I think my parents took me to the cinema and watched a lot of films. As a result, I got caught up in the whole “movie” part. As I got older, I started watching movies on a regular basis, such as “The Wizard of Oz” and “The Wizard of Lies,” and I’ve been re-watching those movies many times. So I think I have a good knowledge of the “film” part. It might be a bit off with some of the other things I said, and this will probably not be the theme for this season.

The book has some strong images that do not seem like a movie. The art in this book is unique. There is so much detail to the art and the layout of the pages. I thought the book design was very well done, especially the covers with their pictures.

As I get close to my book release date, can anyone tell me what the theme of this season is? I would love to hear it from you.

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