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It’s a simple word which describes this style of music and it’s the main ingredient that made the album such a smash hit.

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The Gatsby theme is played on many of our songs. It is a very simple song which follows the same line – a simple melody from a simple chord progression that has a basic melody in it.

The word Gatsby is actually very interesting to hear as it has a rich history and people from all over the world use it as a theme to music. Gatsby may have a simple story (a fictional story), but his theme is very simple and elegant – it just sounds simple so simple. We all know that it is the one chord progression that is used in this music.

Why we name our songs after famous music

What makes Gatsby so famous is not just the title of the song, but also the song itself. It contains so many words that make it easy to understand. There is not one word of a music. The theme consists of only 4 chord and 8 note progression.

This is why we do not name our songs after famous music. We name our song after the person (the songwriter) whose name it is. Why is this important? Because it makes it clear who wrote the song, why it was written and what it means. It helps our listeners to better understand our music and what it is.

The “Aha” moment in our songs

Many people refer to the song “Gatsby Loves Charming” as our “Aha” moment. We are constantly on this journey, always on the lookout for new sounds and to have new ideas. We never know what new thing or song is going to come along next. This journey itself, it always changes us. Every time we create a new song it changes us and our world. We are never sure what are we going to try next. We try to get through our own challenges while creating music. We do not know what is going to happen next, we just try to keep on on and create something.

Let’s face it, Gatsby is the hero and we are the poor chaps.

All the same, we still create music for our customers so it stays fresh in their minds. We still keep on creating new songs, trying to find new ways to use the chords and we keep on trying to make Gatsby music into the music.

The key to Gatsby’s success

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