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The term ‘gatsby’ is derived from the phrase of the movie “Gates of Heaven” (1928). “Gates of Heaven” is a song of the ’50s. It was written by Frank Sinatra and performed by Sinatra and Frank Sinatra at the 1939 Academy Awards. The title and the song were first mentioned the year before the movie won an Oscar, the same year when Gatsby was released and when its composer had died. “Gates of Heaven” was based on “God Bless you,” a prayer that was part of the Oscar prayers.

The New York Times reported that a Gatsby theme can still be heard in the music of “The Nutcracker” at the Brooklyn-based National Association of Broadcasters (NAB), which runs several radio stations of which KZNS is a member. Gatsby Theme Music, as well as a cover by Michael Jackson of “Swan Lake,” both have been performed.

Although the New York Times article was about singing in the choir at a performance of the theme, the New York Times article also mentioned that the chorus was the most well-known singers in the choir. Another story on that subject, this time in a newspaper report on a “gatsby” performance, is also available.

The song “Gatsby Theme Song” was composed in 1927 and was released in 1927. The theme is of a girl getting married to a rich man. “All for myself. All for myself” was the lyrics, as quoted by The New York Times as a part of an article about the musical career of the singer who originated “Gates of Heaven.” The story was written about a woman who was trying to break-in to the “Gatsby Club” in New York, where the theme song was composed. It wasn’t until many years later that she realized that “Gates of Heaven” might be the inspiration for the theme song of her own movie. She was inspired by reading The New York Times article because of her own experience.

The author had seen “gatsby” on Broadway in 1928 at the end of “The Nutcracker.” One of the lyrics from the piece is as follows:

I love him so

I love his money so.

All’s for myself. All’s for

my own.

You’re my gal and your

name is Mary.

I’m glad to see you!

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