What is a flapper style dress? – 20S Flapper Dress Transparent Dresser

A flapper style dress is a casual dress that was inspired by the Hollywood films of the 1940’s. While the flapper style dresses were fashionable before that time, the 1920’s flappers were the peak of the style and in the 1930’s they are still fashionable.

In a flapper style dress, the woman’s outfit is usually very revealing to accentuate the curves of her body. In contrast, the 1930’s flapper was more conservative. It was meant to express femininity by simply wearing low cut dresses and heels.

Flapper style was the style at the peak of Hollywood glamour in the 1940’s-1950’s and it was followed by more conservative flappers in the 1960’s and 70’s.

Flappers are often worn in summer as the women look more casual. They are the style of choice for young couples as they usually wear shorter dresses which is also suitable for shorter women.

The flapper style dress is also a comfortable dress since the women often wear leggings which are comfortable to wear even if they wear a long dress.

Flapper style dress can be done with short skirts as well as tight trousers.

Flapper style dress, how to wear it?

It is important to wear the dressing according to the situation of the time. Since the day time and night time are different places, the dressing is very different. Flapper style dress can be worn to school, to work and other places since it is only appropriate at night time. But in the day time it can be worn in summer to feel the rays of sun.

Flapper style dresses can be paired with any kind of clothing.

Flapper style dress is a very versatile dress to wear for different types of situations.

How to wear flapper style dress?

To flapper style dress, the woman should wear low cut clothing on top, long dresses which are close to the waist. If the woman dresses in long skirts, leggings are the most suitable.

For casual wear, the woman should wear short sleeved shirt or a sports bra with matching shorts.

In combination with long skirts, the woman should always wear loose fitting shirts.

Flapper style dresses are often worn a lot of times. The dress can be worn for different occasions, but it is the most popular and also best dressed outfit to wear.

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