What is a flapper girl? – Flapper Dress Pattern Mccalls 69540

A flapper is an attractive, youthful, often short, sometimes blonde, usually girl wearing short dresses, often with lots of makeup. Some are flannels. Others wear a wide array of short styles in their hair, or in their dress, or in their outfit, such as sandals or flip-flops.

Flappers are often associated with high school, and that association is well-founded. As the popularity of the flapper girl waned in the late 50s, so did the style in general. Flapper girls have since been popular in a variety of fields, including sports, the arts, the home, and more.

Today, flappers are seen in a variety of styles, but they are usually blonde, blue or green. Generally, flappers tend to look like the female half of the “cougar” image popularized, though they are quite different. Flappers, though often quite young, are actually older, with their hair shorter and often in short, loose dresses and tops, and generally have very well defined curves. (The female counterpart to a flapper, though, is the “bimbo.”) Because flappers are generally blonde, many people have been surprised when they see blondes in the style, and have assumed them to be flappers themselves. Some have asked, “Are they blonde?” Flappers have generally been accepted as beautiful females, but their image has been questioned due to some stereotypes and myths.

So, which flappers are actually flappers? How do they differ in the world of fashion? Are they the females depicted in the image of the flapper girl, or are they actually women who look exactly like the flapper image? Can anyone tell the difference?

This quiz will show you which form of flapper is most often seen these days.

There are different varieties of flapper and some are more common than others, so you’ll need to answer honestly whether you are flapper, cougar or bimbo—or perhaps some combination of the three. And we’re not stopping here: we’ll check out a variety of other styles that are not specifically associated with the flapper image, too!
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