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A black button-up and some jeans.

When would you wear a dress to a Great Gatsby party?

You might want to put on a black velvet dress by a black tailor. If you only have time to get dressed when the wine is flowing, wear whatever the dressmaker wants. You will probably want to wear something light, but if you want to wear something the style of Alexander McQueen, a black tulle robe or the Louboutin heels of a Chanel woman are good options.

You won’t be wearing any of your clothes during this entire party. That is because all of your clothes are going to be going through the washing machine. Even your blouse will be getting some washing in.

When do you go to the toilet and what do you wash your hands with?

When the party is over.

So what do you think you’re going to be wearing to the Great Gatsby event?

A team of Japanese researchers have managed to create a robot that uses sound directly as a source of control. The technology uses a special type of soundwave that creates a controlled interaction in a computer. While the machine is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, it does so with a few crucial modifications:

It can control the speed and direction of the sound – unlike the average robot, this type of robot has the ability to speed up or slow down at will. But because this robot takes up so much room, it won’t fit under your desk.

It has a computer interface with multiple displays that allow the user to operate the machine by moving a finger. There’s a separate computer monitor on top for video monitoring and other functions.
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It can sense the position of light and sound – the sound is fed into a display, while a laser sensor points the sound to a specific spot and a microphone picks up the sound.

The laser sensor is able to read signals and send them to the computer via an electrical connection. Because this is a computer controlled machine, the sound can be controlled by the user without the need of a joystick.

There are some other interesting features that make the device even more interesting. For example, the system can sense the positions of two other sensors, and they both are synchronized to the machine. This makes sense, because there’s more that can be done than just changing the speed or direction of the sound.

While I’m sure many of you are wondering, if

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