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The idea is to take a look at the dress code and then go from that to an overall look. It’s all about how to look smart with your outfits. It’s not about looks.

Q: What is a typical day for you at work?

I work on a large scale project of about 1,400 people in the US. It’s one of those large, public enterprises. It’s about 4,000 people, and every single day our company has an assembly and testing floor.

I’ve been putting my team on a project with two separate teams: one is testing the actual product to make sure it works well, and I’m a part of it as a manager of the test team – because the product is designed to be tested on the real stuff. The other one is doing user interviews. We’re talking about 10,000 people in total.

These people are going through one process. But we’re also talking to different people to gather more information about the potential users and market. To bring them to the next level, which is actually learning to be a marketer.

Q: What made you choose the Great Gatsby theme?

I really have been a fan of the film.

Q: If you could take one book with you on your next cross-continental trip, what would it be and why?
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My first book was “The Power Broker” by Charles Mackay. It’s a book about corruption, and I really liked Mackay’s writing. I had read, like, three books in a day after I’d read it to my husband, in which one of his paragraphs was, “It’s very, very sad” – and he was saying that it’s very sad. And I said, “It’s because of this book you’re in such a sorry state of your psyche and you’re so miserable.”

I found it really uplifting. I found that if you read it as a book, you see it from a different point of view.

Q: Is there anything else you’d like readers and fans of your work to know?

To love and trust each other – I wish I wasn’t so stressed when I talk to people about this idea, or when I speak to them.

There are two reasons for this, in the sense that you have your ego – a selfish part it might be, but a self-help part also. We are in a time where in our

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