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The following are some of the most common ways to tell an Apple Watch that it’s not a phone, including icons on the screen, a rotating dial, and a bar on the watch face or screen.

To tell the Watch that it is not a phone, Apple has implemented some visual cues to do so. Below we have shown a few of the most popular ways.


The image on the bottom of the screen is the time. As a phone you will most often see its time displayed on the top right of the screen. On newer models of the Apple Watch, like the new model, this image is at the top center of the watch face.

Apple Watch

With older models of the Apple Watch, the user might notice a new clock display on the watch face. It is a clock that represents the time, as well as an alarm clock in some cases. With this in mind, you can tell that the watch is not a phone by watching how it shakes when the watch’s button is pressed. The watch also has three small icons on the watch face that represent each of the functions of the watch.

Touch-Screen Dial
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When you are using the watch face to dial numbers and enter text on the phone, the bottom of the screen displays the contact information associated with the number in the phone. If you place your finger over the numbers, the bottom of the screen displays the contact’s contact information, as well as a bar on the watch face that shows if you have answered the message or not.

Rotating Dial

If you want to view a contact or contact information and would prefer to use the watch face as a rotating dial, it’s possible to do so by clicking the center of the watch face, moving the crown clockwise and then rotating the dial a second time in three positions. The view will show the number you tapped, as well as the contact information on the watch face.

Wrist Strap

The watch strap itself may change depending on the model made. It is usually the model number plus either a serial number or a model number. With the current model that is on sale, the watch strap will be black with an orange leather band; with an older model, the bracelet will be black with white stitching.

If you have any questions, please check out our Apple Watch video review on YouTube.

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