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The 1930s and 1940s were a huge change in the American style: a huge emphasis on tailoring, a huge push towards the new style of dress, the rise of the mass-produced suit. It all led to the famous ‘American Revolution’- a trend that became quite an iconic one in the United States.

We have a full section on how to wear the pants now.

The first trend to emerge as a result of the ‘American Revolution’- tailoring, came into vogue in the 1930s. During the 1920s, it was fashionable to dress up in your best attire for the office, church, and other social events (such as your first sporting event, or the most important dinner party you were invited to). When you were out and about, it was the norm to dress in a more business attire, or to dress casually and avoid a formal dress code. You were expected to be dressed to the nines – your business suit or business suit and tie with the slacks, shoes and socks needed for your profession and the proper accessories. Men wore suits on the top of the social scale while women wore their best slacks and shoes.

Even back then, men could dress up in suits, but not like women:

Even in the 1920s, the men’s tailoring scene had grown with new tailors, whose wares were often tailored and made to look similar to their business suits. But men didn’t need the help of a tailor to get their suits – many of the new tailors were friends and business associates of businessmen and even presidents.

We’re a long way away from those ‘American Revolution-era-tailoring’ pieces, but we still have plenty of examples of the 1930s and ’40s style in American men. We have these style choices:

The ‘Loudmouth’ Tie

The ‘Loudmouth’ tie was a fashion accessory from the 1920s that is almost indistinguishable today. It was basically an over-the-shoulder, white tie that looked similar to what we see today when people wear ties.

It came in three main flavors: “loudmouth,” “loudmouth” and “loudmouth” plain.

A ‘Loudmouth’ tie had four large vertical holes in it. The ‘loud mouth’ variety had one large hole, and only three smaller holes.

When you looked at a ‘loudmouth’ tie it was often a little more

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