What did men wear in the 1920s? – Flapper Dress Pattern Mccalls 89411

What about in the 1930s?

And what about in the 1940s and before?

What about during times of peace and war?

What about in the 1960s?

Who was dressed in those times?

We see these women, many of them still active in their day jobs and some retired. You’ll also see people in the 1900s and 1920s that you wouldn’t see today.

The “doughnut holes” and “petticoats” and “douges” and “kilt” are all still around, too, of course.

The dressy pants?

There were also skirts back then.

Why did that change?

A lot of people wanted to stop wearing pants, so fashion took a backseat to style, and women could dress as they wanted rather than having to stick to their boxy, formal Victorian dresses.

You don’t see these skirts now.

But women had to wear a certain level of make-up, too.

This 1920s photo is of some of the most stylish women in America in the 1920s. The women’s hair is in a high bun and is styled in a long bun.
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You see them in the photo above in a very fashionable outfit. They are wearing their hair in cornrows and their face looks clean and natural.

The hair, makeup, and clothing were changing rapidly in those days, but men were just starting to wear pants.

Is this picture showing a picture of a lady’s pant legs?

Is that what’s so beautiful about the 1920s for the American public? There are plenty of glamorous dresses and a lot of makeup (sometimes more than makeup), but no pant legs showing.

This photo (below) was taken back in 1940 by a photographer named Bill Johnson. Johnson worked in New Jersey and captured a photograph of an early model.

The photo is taken in a booth on the street. A man is standing in the background with the model on his arm.

The woman is wearing her hair in a long bun and wears her makeup to look natural. Johnson says that there are also ladies in the photo with a high collared dress that has no pant legs showing.

Another photo of early models circa 1921.

Women in the 1920s were just getting used to seeing people with pant legs in the movies, television and on stage in places like the White House or

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