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A common question is: What did flappers symbolize for the early Americans? The answer is: Everything. It was a culture that grew up around new ideas, the arts and the new world order. The flapper symbolized a unique way of seeing the world that wasn’t about traditional marriage and social customs. A man had to understand his own unique position to thrive, and flappers were there to give him permission.

From the early 1800s to the 1960s, flappers transformed what American women wear as the center of the sexual marketplace. With the advent of mass media and television, the flapper’s attire expanded to a range of shapes, sizes, tones of skin, colors, types of shoes and even the shapes and color of their hair. This variety, combined with an emphasis on independence and self-expression, enabled women to show the world what they thought.

Today, women express their identity in myriad ways that extend beyond the traditional flapper look, and flappers continue to hold a unique place in contemporary American culture. For the flapper, there is no longer a need to look like a woman in order to exist in the mainstream (unless you happen to be a flapper yourself!).

Flappers Are Still Hot Stuff In 2017

Today, young people from all walks of life love the look. Their confidence is growing among both men and women and they’re embracing the culture and making their own personal mark as flappers across America. From small business owners to major celebrities, women from all walks of life are flaunting flappers in their own ways.

Check out what women of every ethnicity, race and age are doing when they take off their flapper hats in 2017.

Hannah Linn

I’m a 25-year-old woman from Houston and love everything about the fashion. It’s the freedom and individuality of it. I love how everything gets the color and tone right. My favorite thing about my job now is that I get to dress up, feel confident and not be afraid of anything or anyone ever. I am super-proud of the work I do and I would die for the opportunity to continue doing it.

I love everything about the flapper look. I love that my clothes are not restrictive and have that freedom to do whatever I want to because people are like, “Oh yeah! I can feel it inside!” And just being myself for once, to look in your mirror and be like, “Yeah! That’s my

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