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A symbol of the women’s movement was their red, white rose, but if flappers were going to become what feminists were looking for, they needed to symbolize the movement. The flappers needed to symbolize something that had become the symbol of liberation.

JT: Why was the flapper a woman? The flapper was female because she’s provocative. She was provocative at work and home. She was provocative at every time. If that would have been true in the past, the way that it would have been, men would have said, “No it couldn’t have been that.” [Men] wouldn’t have said “No to our freedom because that’s what was meant to be.”

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JB: Flappers were very sexual, and what I wanted to do, with the movie, was to show you just how sex appeal had become so central to pop culture. You got on the subway and there’s this girl on the train, and if you go into any restaurant there’s these girls dancing in the back alcoves, and it is kind of a part of our culture. You start hearing “Oh my god, she’s just on the subway,” and you go in there and you’re like, “Oh, her hair is on fire” or “Her makeup is so great.” They’re like the women you see in the movies.

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JT: They’re like the stars of the show. And that just struck a nerve for me.

JB: It’s something I think is really interesting because it’s something that still happens, but for most of history it has been seen by other women.

JT: It’s something you say for the first time in the movie, and not just to the guys with you. And so it’s very different, but also not something that I thought would be a very provocative movie. It’s something that will be relevant to the 21st century.

JB: You have a few scenes that show you playing things you don’t play — you’re playing as an undercover cop and you do all this in your underwear.

JT: I did some scenes naked.

JB: They even let you change outfits in the bathroom.

JT: We were doing a scene where I was wearing this hot white bra, and at the end of the scene I went on the set, like, “Oh, the camera’s right out of the

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