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I like to play with some new ways to represent the color palette (and thus to play with some new words/nouns). For example, I’ve been using the word fattie for the color of meat in recipes for a very long time, but I’m going to use fattie soon for some of the color names in the future. I’ve been looking at colors in combination because the color of something tends to help to distinguish the kind of thing it is (e.g, red for fish). In my books, I often use colors as part of the flavor to help tell you exactly what is going on in a recipe (e.g, a greenish-red color, sometimes even a golden colour, when I use brown, etc.). Or, in my case, I go a little further: when I write books for a broad audience I use lots of color, but also, I try to be aware of the specific tastes of different people and sometimes do include some red or blue color names with my recipes. I’m also a big deal about making sure that some of the colors are neutral. I don’t usually bother using color names for things that are “bad” colors; that way the recipes are not overly complicated, just as the recipes for a certain color-nameed sauce would be if it were called something, say, a jellied orange sauce.

What about the colors mentioned in the old book?


Can you share any old recipes you’ve tried from your youth and still love?

Sure. A few of these might be old memories, but there are many others. I will certainly always love a good old dish of brown butter fried in a rich gravy made from flour and sour cream, or of a sauce with cream, eggs, tomatoes and peppers; and I also love a good old recipe like the one in the book of chocolate mousse made with eggs, chocolate, vanilla or strawberry syrup, but, even though they contain color names, those are not necessarily colors I’ve been very fond of in my food. And, yes, some of the colors in my own cookbooks might not have been color values I liked in my youth. That’s because I changed over to writing for a broader audience with newer color recipes.

What’s your take on the current cookbook movement?
1920s Women's Fashion & Clothing Trends

I haven’t read very many of those new cookbooks, but I have listened to a few interviews that cover them quite a bit (and

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