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Blue, right?

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That is actually a question I would have asked.

So, we had a pretty good understanding of how flapper dresses were made, and now we were going to delve into the more “complex” story of creating them.

How were they made?

First things first – these were no ordinary dress shirts. There was a lot of care and creativity needed to create the dresses. A particular fabric was used for each dress – cotton, cotton and linen – and only silk was used for the patterned skirts and bodices. The patterns could vary from day to day.

I’ll let the photos speak for themselves. The original images above are from the collection of Michael E. Lippert, who did the dress making and patterning for the flappers throughout the late 19th and early 20th Centuries.

(Photo credit: J. Michael Schreib)

How Much were the Costumes

As I mentioned earlier, these dresses were usually worn by single women, and usually had very simple and simple silhouettes. Even if they were “designed” and cut to be a particular size, that meant that the actual dress would normally be far too small in the shoulders and arms to accommodate a person’s actual height and proportions. In those days of very short skirts, dresses were very often just that – dresses, and if you had a pretty face to go with your dress, you wore one.

The dresses would be worn out and the seams torn up. The fabric would often be quite narrow (as can be seen with the bodice), and the dress would often be quite wrinkled. It was not uncommon in the mid-1870s for a tall woman to wear a dress that was a size or two too big in the shoulders.

The same was true for the outer skirt of the dress – for a tall woman wearing a dress was a little like walking down a very narrow set of stairs – they could easily fit two or three of your feet into a single skirt.

One problem was that these dresses were not meant to be worn with a hat and other outer garments. That was simply not part of the “dress code of the time”, and many of these dresses were not even made for the women wearing them!

What Types of Wearing were Included?

So, when I think of a dress, I tend to think of wearing it “for the day”. I am not that familiar with the word ”

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