What color lipstick did flappers wear? – Fringed Flapper Dress

Many flappers of the 1930s wore both color and white. Some flappers used both color and white, and others used only white. Some flappers wore black flappers and some flappers wore yellow flappers. Most were white or black.

Which were the most popular clothing stores during the 1930s?

Several specialty stores became major flapper retailers, such as the Flapper Fashion House, which sold flapper jewelry, a variety of fashion and other clothing, and various brands of accessories. The Flapper Fashion House also carried an extensive selection of other products, like hats, cologne, and perfumes, and various jewelry and clothing items. In 1939, the Flapper Department Store was acquired by another department store.

Did most flappers participate in any type of sporting activity during the 1930s?

At least 40% of flappers participated in organized sport during the prewar period, such as flag football, baseball, basketball, football, soccer, hockey, polo, rowing, skiing, and skating. At least a few participated in other sport such as ice hockey. But more often than not, when a girl’s turn came to play basketball, she played with her friends or another girl rather than with her boyfriends or other boys from her neighborhood or the district, as many flapsters did not own a uniform. This made it possible, in addition to having little money, to do such things as play outside, participate in football games outside on Sunday, and watch a baseball game in their home while their fathers were at work.

Where did flappers go to socialize?

A number of flappers went to clubs and other social places for evening activities such as drinks and dancing. In addition, such establishments had their own dancing teams, sometimes forming an active group while other times each girl would choose to play “guinea” (dancing in pairs), with one partner leading the other. Another dance team might take place in a group’s office.

By what methods did flappers entertain themselves and entertain others?

Flapper entertainers varied in their ways of approaching socializing, including, perhaps, a variety of “flopping routines which included, for example, the flapper’s favorite pastime of wearing a “flapper blouse,” which provided her with a great deal of protection from the sun by covering all her skin (and the “flapper shoes”). She would dance around on top of a large, colorful rock, sometimes wearing her

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