What are 5 words to describe a flapper? – 1920S Fringed Flapper Dress Uk

I like flappers. One of my friends said that I didn’t have good hair because it didn’t fit the flapper image. It is true.

What is the worst piece of clothing you’ve ever owned that got ripped

At my favorite local dry cleaners, we were told that we have bad hair, so we don’t want to buy new stuff. We just don’t want it to look old and torn anymore if we can help it.

What’s your weirdest thing to wear? What’s your freaksiest fashion accessory?

I have two very weird things that I wear every day. I have this very thick pair of thick pajamas. They always come out of one of the pockets. When I get home from work, I put them on my desk and just stay there for an hour and a half on the plane or the train or whatever, watching some anime.

I also wear this big black box-cut hoodie, and I wear those to go to and from school. It has buttons so I can make it button off my own head. It has a little piece of fabric that goes around the sides like a “Z.” The fabric comes up over there and comes down over here. And there’s two little holes underneath the hoodie so I can go into them. I’m pretty proud of that one.

What’s your favorite place to shop at?

Dollarama. It is a very nice shop, because it doesn’t have any big signs. People don’t recognize me from my clothes. People would just see that I was wearing a baggy shirt at Dollarama.

What’s your new favorite thing to buy?

Oh gosh… I’m a total hoarder! Now that I’m older and not living at home all the time, that stuff is much less of a problem. But if I see a nice dress, I will go spend 10 bucks on that. But if not I’ll spend $300 on a dress I know will look amazing.

What was the strangest thing that someone had to do for you?

Flower Power 70s Girl's Costume
One time a girl in the bathroom was flushing my shampoo on my face, and when I realized how much it had spilled on, I thought it was my hair—that the shampoo went over. And I was shocked: the shampoo had turned into shampoo. But she came around the bathroom door and gave it to me, and it made a big mess for me, I

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