How do you make a flapper dress out of at shirt? – 1920S Flapper Dress Amazon

With this trick, you can make a flapper dress out of a shirt for only 5 bucks.

In the process, this flapper dress will feel and look very different.
How to Make a Flapper Dress Out of a Shirt
1920's flapper dress authentic original heavily beaded ...
Cut the shirt into 4 or more pieces. Don’t worry if some of the pieces don’t fit. A perfect fit will not change the overall look at all. You’ll notice that the front of the shirt will become a pleated skirt shape, and in the back, a scooped back. This pleated front and back helps the flapper dress look very stylish and contemporary while still maintaining some traditional flapper proportions. Also the pleated front will not make your flapper dress seem slimmer in proportions. The pattern also holds up under different body types. The pleats will show through as long as the shirt is cut correctly. Try to get the pleats to be on the shorter side.
Next let’s iron the shirt. You want to iron each piece for roughly 25-30 seconds, keeping the iron at approximately 140 degrees/150 degrees. This is the temperature where ironing shirts tends to be a little warmer. In the heat, ironing a shirt will cause it to soften, and that’s totally ok. When ironing clothing, heat will make the fabric smooth and less stiff.
Once the shirt is ironed, remove it from the heat and dry it completely on a cooling rack. This can take about 2-3 hours.
You’ll notice that the front and back of the flapper dress will get more pleated as the shirt dries. The back will show through but will become tighter if dried out. For this to happen, the shirt needs to be heated and dried. When the shirt has completely dried, try ironing it again. If the front still feels a little loose, gently bend it a little. At some point if the front feels stiff, the rest of the shirt may need to be re-made.
Next, it’s time to turn the shirt into a flapper dress. Turn the shirt inside out and iron it so it comes completely to a stop. Keep your eyes on the front and back of the dress while the ironing is going on. You’ll notice the pleats will go on a little more, but the fabric will still have the same pleats.
Next, fold the flapper dress in half so that the bottom half sits over the top of the front pleats, and the top half sits over the

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