How do you do flapper girls hair? – Gold Flapper Dress Size 12

I do do hair for the most part in a small way at the end after the last curl. I would actually try to do my natural hair if I felt like it or something, but my goal isn’t to get a look. My primary goal is to not let my life get in the way to get a look because sometimes in the end they are the same.

For me the reason I can’t wear wigs or anything I would like to wear I have to do something with my head. That’s how I live is to not let my life get in the way, and it’s why I can do this, because we are all still human, we just have different faces with people with different hair, some of it is hair like my hair is longer or thinner and I can’t cut it with scissors. The main thing is to love my head and how it is.

What is your personal favorite hair product?

My go to if I want a nice natural look for myself or if I want something that I can layer and keep. It’s a bit tricky because there’s like five to ten products I use, and sometimes I’ll switch my hair stylist because it’s all the same. That just adds up and I have to balance out my use because I’m constantly changing my hair stylist.

I’ve been trying to go with a product like a hair oil because the problem is hair dries to a jelly like texture, but there’s a lot of hair oils available in the States that are really nice.

When we get new products and it’s not what we have grown to know or like, there are brands out there that can help us find our own thing, or at least help us with it.

Are you trying to get rid of your dreadlocks?

I have been hoping, I’ve been trying to try and get rid of them. But I know they’re a great style, some people are getting rid of them and saying they love their hair, we’re not totally on board with it. At the beginning it was so hard to find a good dreadlock and I felt this was so much for me. But now it seems more common to look for a more natural look and I feel good about it.

What do you hope people who haven’t tried braid feel when they go try it out?

I’d like everyone to come up and try it because it’s not something you really think about, I guess at first

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