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(It’s a thing that happens.)

The first step is to try to get a sense of the hair types you have in terms of thickness. This will really help you determine the size you need to go for.

Some of my customers say they want the extra “curliness” of the “Long Beach” style, but I tend to agree with them on this one. That’s okay though because the other side of the coin is that I think the long-sleeve is going to be too big of an issue. The style is so simple and the styling goes together perfectly that the extra volume will be almost an afterthought.

If you’re the type who prefers a more “pink” curl to more of a “pink curl,” a very close approximation of the “Long Beach” is a good bet as well. In this scenario, you’ll have a nice volume up top and some body at the nape of your neck if you chose to go that way.

There are many other hairstyles that can look good or really look great on a “Long Beach” style, but I’d suggest the “pink” version. It’ll give you a more youthful style with some of the most desirable characteristics of the style. Don’t get me wrong, the “Long Beach” can have some character to it as well as the “Long Beach” can have some character to it, but it’s pretty much a straight line down the middle. The “Long Beach” will still have a little bit of volume on the side of your head but less than a “Long Beach” style, and it’s going to be more of a “grown-up” look.

For the rest of the guys…

You want to try to go with a “Long Beach” (or similar styled hair) on the hair below the ears if you can. (This is a very hard look to pull off on a regular basis and would require more than one visit if your hair gets this low.)

Now the hardest part is getting on with the styling process. The best way to keep the hair on a level head while looking great is to make sure that it’s in loose waves rather than curls.

After you’ve got the hair in loose waves, your hair will be best off in the back and bottom and will form in a straight line from the roots until you’ve got your waves down to the hairline of the scalp.

Then the only thing left to

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