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In 1872, a group of sailors at the naval base at San Diego began carrying around a homemade poster with an old flapper song on it. Over the next several months sailors on the ship became known as Flappers. This name stuck as sailors began selling t-shirts and singing about the new name and new sounds to the sailors in their flannel shirts.
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By 1909, the name was so widely popular among Americans that the government started advertising flappers as the “Flammaniacs.” When their advertising and concert schedules were canceled due to World War I, some flappers returned to their flannel shirts and flannel pants and continued flapping by flapping their lips for the rest of the war.

As a result of this new term, many people began to ask where the music they heard came from and started calling all jazz musicians to ask them what their background was, and eventually asked them to come over and fling their own flapping and singing while doing so. And after many of the early flappers were arrested, and were forced to spend the rest of their days in jail because of their flapping and singing, the courts finally dropped the flapper name. Because of this, the “Flammaniacs” nickname still stands for most of jazz musicians of today.

Flapper Jazz Band in Chicago.


A man who was hospitalized for months in a coma has been found in good health.

Treatment at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles has turned Steve Rennie’s life around, and he’s now expected to join his family.

Steve, 26, was in a coma for six months after an accident where an ATV he was attached to flipped upside-down, striking his head at an angle before slamming on the brakes to prevent it from skidding from the sidewalk.

He was not wearing a helmet.

Steve’s family moved him to an intensive care unit at Cedars-Sinai in January, and doctors say he had suffered more than half of his missing brain tissue. He was paralyzed from the chest down.

Cedars-Sinai’s chief of neurosurgery, Dr. John E. Kelly, said doctors have found he has not only grown back his normal hearing after surgery, but also his ability to recognize sounds.

“We’ve been amazed for a while that we don’t have to replace his eyes,” Kelly said. “He actually sees us now

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