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In the middle of the 20th century, flappers, who were flappers with no real sense of style, were called “penny-faced nannies” or “dramadists.” But the term “flapper” stuck. Flappers had to wear some sort of hat to cover their heads and make them look pretty, and they had to have some sort of hairstyle where their bangs came down to touch their ears.

Flappers weren’t really flappers. They weren’t really girls with a sense of style. They were just girls who were very beautiful and popular. The “flapper” was a fashion term that they didn’t fit into, and that came from a time when the people who made the fashion were really into something else.

Why didn’t they be called flappers?

The flappers wore more hats than the “penny-faced nannies” and their hair and bangs were in the way. What would you call the people who wore their hair in a bun, or who wore their bangs so low they had to wear glasses? You would call them “the bunheads.”

Didn’t a woman want to be a flapper? Or just a woman who liked the attention?

You could be a flapper, if your hair was really long and you were quite pretty. But if you really didn’t have a lot of money, you’d have to stick to the flapper look. So, no one ever called a flapper a “woman.” As long as people were going to see flappers as pretty girls with pretty clothes, anyone could be a flapper.

What kind of women were the flappers attracted to?

Some women got attracted to men who were very rich and very attractive. Most flappers liked any kind of men. They didn’t like the wrong sort of men. They liked the kind of men who could be really good friends. They liked the kind of guy who would like to make you laugh. They liked the guys who would make you dance and then let you tell your story. The flappers liked the guys who could make their girlfriends dance. They liked the guys who could take their girlfriends out for a drink at a nice place. They liked the guys who could make their girlfriends laugh.

The flapper wasn’t looking for love. She was looking for your attention. That was just a way of finding people who would have the time to spend time with you.

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