How did flappers get their name? – Flapper Dress Costume Uk

In the early 1900s, the popular folk belief was that men flappers – a slang name for a female singer – wore the white sailor suit and fedora to avoid getting too fat. They also wore lipstick.

But now, it’s said that flappers were just the girls of Broadway with the same clothes and a flapping voice.

What’s it like to be one of New York City’s most famous people?

I love my life, and it’s all about love. The joy. People ask, well, do you like being famous, or do you like being famous because you’re famous? My answer is I like being famous because it’s a fun thing to be known for and so it’s all I really ever talk about.

If you’re famous and you don’t have a band to sing to, how do you make music anyway?

There are lots of options but I’ve never considered being a solo songwriter just because I have no instrument and no audience. It’s too boring. I enjoy music – I’m a classical music fan and I read a lot of Mozart – I am interested in classical music, but I’m not a musician. I’m not interested in doing a dance record because I don’t dance, but if you do a video and a concert recording, that may be more fun. I’ve written a lot of songs, and I enjoy writing them on my own. My father was a composer as well – he was an inventor, a businessman, a doctor. But he passed away when I was very small. He was a very small guy. The piano, he made himself, but he didn’t like playing it. He wanted to use his money to build a bigger house.

Is there any downside to your celebrity?

I’m not allowed to sit in a public place with my kids and just be with them. I’m not allowed to walk from one house to another with my kids. I am forced to stay in their rooms because they are my responsibility. That’s not that bad, is it? Maybe in other cities. I don’t know, other cities! But not NY. My kids are at a boarding school. When I come back from the United Nations, they are always saying, “You are not allowed to go away and stay with your children!”

“For me, a feminist is someone that believes in equality for women”

–Shirley Jackson (1920–2002)

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