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It goes back to the very beginning of their evolution — a lot of young people want to experience sex, but they can’t because they’re afraid.

At the end of WWII, some flappers decided to leave behind the restraints of conventional feminine beauty and go for something a bit more sexy.

In a way, it was the women who did this.

The word flapper came from the American West, where young men, especially the Native Americans, liked to wear the distinctive western dress, to which they were appropriated and which became a fashion for women. One of the first documented people to wear the western dress was a Japanese woman, called “Flapper Joe”.

She wore a pair of white socks, pink shoes, an ill-fitting high-heeled sandal, a short white dress, and a large diamond earring — all of which would be considered high fashion at the time, if we were in the 1800s. A large piece of her outfit included a long red string around her neck that was often tied around her neck by her long-haired brother-in-law because she was so popular among the white men (and later Japanese) looking for a lady.

In a way, flappers have always had something in common with the women who wore the western dress.

Their dresses might be short, tight, or frilly, or not be pretty at all

As for their dress, it might be short, tight, or frilly, or not be pretty at all.

In the 70s Flapper Joe’s “little dress with an ugly neck” became popular among white girls in the west. The same thing happened with Betty Friedan’s short coat in the 50s and 60s, and Flappers like Rita Hayworth’s short shorts in the 50s and 60s.

These dresses might be short and not be pretty, or they may be long enough to cover the body completely.

Flappers are a lot different from your typical woman

While the women I mentioned previously wore dresses to express their freedom — the ones who were in the 50s, 60s and 70s wore clothes that looked far, far less conservative.

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They wore high-heeled sandals, long skirts, and loose sleeves all the way.

Flapper women were also much stronger and more independent.

For those who are interested in more historical and cultural aspects of it, Flapper Joe, Betty Friedan, and

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