Did flappers wear tights? – Cheap Flapper Dresses For Sale 1920S Fashion

Did he ever wear tights? Did he ever get any? Did he ever have any?

I hope so.

–The New York Times

It’s a good job he doesn’t know about what everyone else knows–that he did this all the time, doing it as much on the street as he could do without getting busted by the law, and without having to go out with a big parade. It’s a good sign to see that he doesn’t have to work, does not have to make a living, to care for himself, to take care of his business.

I will tell you, when I look back at the life that he led, I will tell you what would be the nicest thing I could do to his memory: I would wish him well.

–The New York Post

So you’re saying a flapper’s gotta know more than she thinks she knows.

–New York Post

He really was a man of the world. You never saw a man who had everything. He carried everything.

–The New York Sun

He’s a man of the world, you’re going to tell him that, aren’t you?

–Kissing, from the Hollywood Reporter

He had to be the most amazing person I’d ever met. He had such an enormous heart. All he wanted was a good night’s rest and a good meal; or an opportunity to work, to do something, anything.


What did he do all day before school? What did he do between school and work? He worked nights.


His life changed his life. To me it was a revelation. It changed everybody’s life.

–New York Times

The guy was an unbelievable guy. He was so full, so open, so willing – that to me was a gift.

–The Washington Post

I could see how this man would have wanted to have a good time with somebody who had the same tastes in everything. How he would have wanted him to have a good time.

–Los Angeles Times (on the flapper)

If he had ever left behind the people who cared and loved him, if that has ever occurred to you, no, I don’t see it.

–The New York Sun

I don’t think he’s ever gonna be forgotten. I don’t understand why he has to be

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