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What job? Oh, well the question then was whether they could have. Did they work for the police at all? Or were they just prostitutes, and therefore not eligible for any social services?

The answer was no. Flappers were not social workers. While some flappers did work in the sex industry, many had other employment and were allowed by the law to keep their jobs. In fact, the most popular jobs were for domestic help, but there has been evidence to suggest there were also some flappers who employed their bodies for private businesses. So if it was not for the police or the Ministry of the Women, there would probably have been a lot of them in employment by the time the sex industry was banned in 1934.

So there are two answers to that question: a) yes, there had been a lot of women working in the sex industry by 1934, b) no, the police weren’t going to start forcing these women to go straight to the police in a police station to report prostitution.

If you want to see more of the sex industry and the ways in which it affects women, please check out the book by Helen Thomas which is available on Amazon UK.


The White House press secretary denied Thursday that the White House is behind reports claiming that President Trump gave $25 million to Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi on inauguration day.

On Friday, the Washington Post reported that the president had given a “significant cash donation” to Bondi on his first full day back at the White House in January.

Fox News has obtained a copy of the donation report obtained by the paper.


Reports claim that after he signed the order for a travel ban, Trump made a $25,000 contribution to the attorneys general association’s Trump Victory Victory Fund that day.

According to the Post story, a Justice Department spokesman denied that Trump had given Bondi cash, which the spokesman said was a mistake.

“Nothing like it ever happened,” the spokesman told the Post.

Trump later told The Washington Post he was “not aware of” the investigation.

“Of course I didn’t and never have been aware of it,” he told the newspaper. “Nobody ever asked me. Nobody ever told me.”

The latest version of the Windows-based operating system has some bugs. And if that’s what you’re used to, it’s not surprising.

But after reading about the recent patches Microsoft has been rolling out to users

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